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The Report

Prioritising early childhood for a happier healthier society

How businesses can drive, and benefit from, transformative change in the UK

A mother and child each sit on a swing whilst facing towards each other and smiling.

The Business Case

The Royal Foundation Business Taskforce for Early Childhood’s report reveals the business case for prioritising early childhood. Produced by Deloitte, it sets out how a greater focus on early childhood would create a happier and more productive workforce today and transform the health and wellbeing of the UK economy and society for generations to come. It includes:

  • The benefit to the UK economy
  • Why early childhood is a business matter
  • Where businesses can have the greatest impact


is how much the report details could be generated for the national economy by investing in early childhood.


from equipping people with improved social and emotional skills in early childhood


from reducing the need to spend public funds on remedial steps for adverse childhood experiences


More support for working parents and caregivers of young children

“As leaders of some of the UK’s largest businesses, we have a responsibility, but also a very clear vested interest in driving change in this area. We hope this report will encourage businesses of all sizes, across the UK, to join us and help build a healthy, happy society for everyone.”

The Business Taskforce

What businesses can do

The report encourages more businesses to consider how they can be part of the movement. This means thinking about their roles as employers, providers of goods and services and influential members of the community.

Opportunities for impact

The report identifies five areas in which businesses of all sizes can have the opportunity to make the greatest impact for children under five, the adults around them, the economy and wider society.

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Business touchpoints

Businesses play a number of roles and can reach their employers, their customers, other businesses and society as a whole.