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Secure the necessities

Help families facing the greatest challenges to access the basic support and essentials they need.

A volunteer helps to sort clothes at a table at Little Green Sock baby bank.

It’s a difficult truth that our future workforce is experiencing greater challenges, with rates of childhood poverty increasing over the past decade and families with young children most at risk. ​ ​

Living in poverty can affect the development of a young child, leading to early disadvantages that impact throughout their lives. Families experiencing poverty find it more difficult to meet their children’s material and social needs. Poverty can also cause wide-ranging psychological distress and is time-consuming to manage, meaning parents and carers often do not have the time or mental space to provide the nurturing care that children need to thrive.

Addressing childhood poverty is a vital part of the jigsaw of support needed and the research has identified protective factors that help to reduce the detrimental effects of poverty.

Investing in early childhood for children facing barriers to early development is particularly effective in reducing public spend on education, health and justice system.​


families with children under five living in relative poverty

£16.13 bn

potential savings that could be made on remedial steps for adverse childhood experiences that might have been avoided through actions in early childhood

1 in 5

parents say they have struggled to provide sufficient food due to the increased cost of living

The Co-op Group: Partnering with Baby Banks

Watch the benefits of a long-standing partnership between a Baby Bank in Greater Manchester and The Co-op Group, a member of the Business Taskforce.

In addition to their work with local Baby Banks, The Co-op is supporting the Baby Bank Alliance, which is uniting a community of over 300 baby banks across the UK. The Co-op is promoting this national network to its 5 million member owners and signposting them to their local baby bank so they can find ways to access support, donate pre-loved items or money, or volunteer their time.

“Addressing early childhood poverty is a vital part of the jigsaw of support needed for young children to thrive.
We can each reflect on how we as individuals, family and community members, and businesses can play a role in how we can help to address the economic challenges facing families with young children and support them to establish deep roots from which they can grow and flourish”

Carey Oppenheim, Nuffield Foundation