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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the Business Taskforce?

    Run by business, for business, the Business Taskforce will play an essential role in The Princess of Wales’ work to transform the way in which society prioritises and supports children and the ecosystems around them in their earliest years. The Business Taskforce is currently comprised of eight leading businesses.

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  • Who are the members of the Taskforce and how were they chosen?

    Businesses were chosen for their record as being positive agents of change in their communities and for their commitment to this issue.

    They represent a wide range of sectors and come with vast experience of the private sector.

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  • Why should business get involved in this?

    Businesses play a significant role in today’s society – as employers, as providers of goods and services, as organisations often at the heart of communities, on our high streets, and with mass influence over the way we live our lives.

    Just as they can play a role in repairing the planet or reducing the stigma of talking about mental health, they can drive change around awareness of and action on early childhood too.

  • What can my business do?

    Businesses large and small can consider how they can have an impact. As well as using the the five opportunities for impact, it’s also helpful to think about the touchpoints that are available:

    • As employers of parents and caregivers
    • Providers of goods and services
    • Visible and influential community members

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  • I am an employee and want my employer to engage with the report, what should I do?

    Please do share the report amongst your organisation. Starting conversations about how businesses can prioritise early childhood is the first step in making cultural changes.

  • I want to learn more about how my business can engage with this topic, where can I find the tools and resources to do so?

    A range of experts and organisations have contributed guides, articles and case studies, which can be found here. They outline a range of ways that business can engage.

  • I work for a charity working in the early years, how do I link my charity up with this work?

    There are a number of ways that organisations in the community and voluntary sector might want to engage with the work of the Business Taskforce. The Business Taskforce report and supporting resources on this website could help you to start a conversations with businesses at local or national level, or to grow existing partnerships. There is also the opportunity to find out if you could benefit from the Levy Share Scheme. We would also love to hear of great examples of how businesses are supporting you to achieve impact for your beneficiaries.