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Support working parents and caregivers

Offer parents and carers greater support, resources, choice and flexibility with their work.

A father with a child on his shoulders walks down a lane in a park alongside a mother carrying a small child's bike.

As employers, all businesses have a huge opportunity to prioritise early childhood amongst their workforce – no matter how big or small.

The period of pregnancy to five is of vital importance for children, but also for the adults in their lives. By providing support and resources, alongside flexibility and choice, employers will not only be boosting the wellbeing and productivity of their colleagues, they will also be contributing to a society which is better positioned to take on the challenges of the future.​

To take advantage of the significant opportunity set out by The Business Taskforce, we have shared some starters on how any business – big or small – can get involved. This starts with a conversation across your organisation. Even this relatively small action begins to create a workplace culture where parents and caregivers feel valued – which is turn can boost wellbeing, productivity and loyalty.​

4.67 million

working parents and caregivers of under fives in the UK in 2022


of fathers not mentally ready to return to work when they did


of parents of under fives struggle with their mental health

Aviva: Supporting Employees

Watch our video showcasing how Business Taskforce member Aviva have created a culture which embraces being a working parent or caregiver.

Aviva have recognised the value of supporting working parents and caregivers. They offer equal parenting leave of 26 weeks at full pay, with coaching before people go on leave and when they return, plus other perks such as a half day off work when your child starts school.

Two-thirds of 18 to 34 year-olds perceive parental leave policies to be a useful indicator for whether an organisation is a good employer, regardless of whether they are planning to have children themselves.