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Improve early childhood education and care

Support initiatives which increase access to quality, affordable and reliable early childhood education and care. 

Members of staff at Storkway Nursery stand together in the playground and smile at the camera.

High quality and affordable early childhood education and care is integral to the future of our economy, impacting both current employees and our future workforce.

Early education and care is a huge concern for many parents and caregivers. They view it as a necessity that allows them to work and provide for their children and quality matters. They want to go to work knowing their child is safe, healthy, happy, engaged and supported to learn.

Challenges accessing quality, affordable and reliable childcare entrench inequalities that already exist. Families with low incomes are worse affected and careers of women tend to be disproportionately impacted.

It is in businesses’ interest to address the childcare challenge that many of their employees are facing, by acknowledging the important role childcare plays in their employees’ lives and considering any support they can provide.

1 in 3

children in the UK start school without achieving a good level of development


of low-income parents describe going into debt to pay for early childhood education and care


the proportion of the public that believe that investing in early education and childcare benefits the whole country, not just parents

Why early education and care matters

Neil Leitch explains why early education and care is fundamental to children and families – developing our future leaders, as well supporting our current workforce.

“We need to remind people that the children we’re investing in now will be the doctors that care for us one day; those children will be our community leaders, our bus drivers and neighbours. They will be the employees we hire one day.
As a driver of innovation, creativity and growth, the business community is uniquely positioned to remind all of us that the best investment in human potential is made at the earliest opportunity.”

Sarah Ronan, Early Education and Childcare Coalition