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The value of corporate volunteering 

Lorna Sales, Little Green Socks Project

In today’s business landscape, social responsibility extends far beyond a simple cheque. While traditional donations hold value, corporate volunteering offers unique opportunities to create a tangible impact, not just for children and families, but for your business too.

The Little Green Sock Project is a charity tackling childhood poverty in Greater Manchester. We provide a great example of how corporate volunteering can inspire and engage employees, with ripple effects that extend far beyond the practical support provided on the day.

We provide essential items, like clothing, toiletries and equipment, to children and families experiencing the greatest challenges. We rely heavily on volunteers to support our work, and corporate participation is a really important part of this.

We have three part-time employees, providing support for over 1000 children each year. Corporate volunteering significantly bolsters our capacity, allowing us to undertake operational tasks on a much larger scale than would otherwise be possible.

Imagine your employees working together to sort through clothing donations, prepare clothing bundles, and meticulously check product quality. These experiences offer a direct benefit to the children and families we help whilst fostering team-building and problem-solving skills for your team.

We find that corporate volunteers who join us for a day are inspired by our mission, and we regularly have repeat visits from different teams within organisations – from board members to junior employees. Without fail they leave us feeling more engaged and inspired, and are proud that their own employer has given them the opportunity to contribute towards something so important. For us, the impact is huge and felt long after you leave.

Not only can we help more children and families, but some volunteers continue to leverage their networks to provide ongoing support for more focussed needs such as specialist IT assistance, data management suggestions, and help developing creative campaigns. These contributions fill crucial gaps in our current operations. As such, the positive impact of corporate volunteering has a far-reaching ripple effect.

Participating companies also become natural ambassadors for Little Green Sock Project. These ‘champions’ expand our network and rapidly increase our supporter base, leading to new leads for product donations, fundraising opportunities, and potential collaborations.

The key to a successful partnership lies in alignment. Find a cause that resonates with your company’s mission and values. The focus that local family support charities like Little Green Sock Project have, on fostering a better future for children, may align perfectly with your organisation’s values. This fosters a sense of authenticity and purpose for your employees, and further strengthens your brand image as your organisation’s participation is shared across internal engagement or social media channels.

Corporate volunteering is therefore a wonderful strategic and human investment, driving meaningful change for children and families as well as your teams.

In summary, investing in corporate volunteering offers value in several ways:

  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: Team-building volunteering fosters camaraderie, morale, and a sense of purpose, shared responsibility and accomplishment.
  • Stronger Brand Reputation: Active involvement with a respected charity fosters positive brand perception/PR, with consumers increasingly choosing brands that align with their values.
  • Improved Client Relations: Aligning your business with a cause like child poverty resonates with clients who share your values, fostering trust and stronger client relationships, potentially leading to new business opportunities.
  • Standing Out from the Crowd: Social value commitments are now often part of business tenders. Volunteering with a local charity demonstrates your deeper community connection, making a stronger application.
  • Attracting Talent: Today’s workforce are aware of corporate social responsibility. Demonstrating your commitment through volunteering can help to attract and retain top talent.

You can find your local baby bank on this interactive map. To find out more about Little Green Sock Project head over to our website at