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Prioritising early childhood for a happier, healthier society

How businesses can drive, and benefit from, transformative societal change.

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The Business Taskforce for Early Childhood was established in 2023 by Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales to drive the early childhood agenda and galvanise business action to create a healthier, happier society. The opportunity is huge: to create a happier and more productive workforce today, and transform the health and wellbeing of the UK economy and society for generations to come.

Opportunities for impact

The Business Taskforce report – Prioritising early childhood for a happier, healthier society: How business can drive, and benefit from, transformative change in the UK, sets out the business case for prioritising early childhood. It identifies the five areas where businesses can have the biggest impact.

A greater focus on early childhood could generate significant social and economic return, by improving early childhood experiences and increasing support for the adults around them. Investing in early childhood in the UK could generate at least


in value added for the national economy each year. This includes £27.5 billion in additional earning for the UK’s workforce, £11.8 billion in additional profits for businesses and £6.2 billion in additional tax revenue for Government.

“As the world becomes ever more complex, we have to invest in early childhood now, as a down payment for our collective future.


“If business and commerce embrace this significant issue – including how better early childhoods will affect their own organisations both now and in the long term – we can and will transform lives for generations to come.”

HRH The Princess of Wales, 2023

The Business Taskforce members

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